Green Homes Grant

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What is the Green Homes Grant?

The Government will give homeowners in England vouchers towards the cost of energy efficient improvements, which will cover much – and in some cases all – of the cost. To receive your grant, you simply have to apply for a voucher once the scheme is up and running in September, after which you will be able to spend it to improve your home. You can register your interest with Complete Home Energy Solutions today.

Reduce Emissions & Create Jobs

Chancellor Rishi Sunak outlined plans for the scheme as part of “broader and bigger plans” to reduce emissions, whilst creating jobs across the country during an unprecedented time.


The Green Homes Grant applies to England only – so unfortunately won't cover homes in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the UK are set to receive vouchers valued up to £5000 for energy-saving home improvements – some may even be eligible for up to £10,000!

What will a Green Homes Grant cover?

Under the scheme, the government is set to pay at least 2 thirds of the cost of home improvements which save energy. An example of the grant in practice is set out here (semi-detatched propery example):

Who is eligible and how can I apply?

Homeowners and Landlords are set to be eligible for Green Home Grants, and although the scheme is not open until September, Complete Home Energy Solutions are set ready to receive early applications now.

If you think that you are eligible for Green Home Grant, then you can register your interest below.

The UK treasury has stated that the Green Improvement Grants will reduce energy bills by an average of £200 for some of the UK’s poorest households.

Register your interest today

To register your interest in a Green Homes Grant today, simply fill out our quick and easy form below and Complete Home Energy Solutions will be in touch once the scheme is live.

What measures would you be interested in?

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