Who qualifies for a boiler grant?

If you receive the correct combination of benefits, then you could have your old boiler replaced with a brand new boiler for little, or no cost.

As well as receiving the correct combination of benefits, your current gas boiler must be over 6 years old. If it is less than 6 years old, the scheme makes an assumption that it is more cost effective to repair your old boiler, than it is to have it replaced on the scheme.

Receiving some benefits means that you will qualify for a boiler grant automatically, with no other requirements. With other benefits you may need to have an extra qualifying component, such as being responsible for a child under 16, being of a certain age etc. You can view the full list of qualifying benefits below.

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Our online application process lets you check if you qualify for a free none-repayable boiler grant in less than 60 seconds. If you do, a member of our team will contact you to arrange for a free survey to be carried out on your property.

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